Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Oslofia's Knit-a-long 2007-2008

There is a woman on the web who creates wonderful Hello Kitty knitting patterns. I am linking to her blog in hopes that she will invite me to join the KAL3. I'm not sure if she will, because I don't meet all the requirements. But I am hopeful, because I would like to receive a pattern from an older knit-a-long, and if I am a nice person, she just might indulge me. Actually, I was hoping to knit a Hello Kitty hat for my fiancé and my two nieces. We'll see. As I said, I am hopeful. :-)

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Oslofia said...

Hi you,

What a lovely posting to stumble across...off course you kan join the upcoming kal!!!! I'm actually putting the last bits and pieces together..pjuh!

Have a great Sunday,